Tongaci's Garage
Museum for Antique Cars
Bangka Indonesia

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(Tongaci's Garage is temporarily closed)

A total of 65 classic cars and 10 old motorbikes with various brands and years of manufacture are now on display at Tongaci's Garage.

Not only that, the definition of classic is not only in the age range, or name alone, but also the level of rarity that has a definite shape, so that classic cars will also give a nostalgic image.

Opening hours are tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday from 10:00 AM until 8:00 PM

Entry fee is 25.000 rp including entry to De Locomotief.
If you want to buy the ticket online, klick here to buy it on Traveloka.

For automotive lovers and artists, there is a place to gather and share information about the automotive world, as well as to appreciate the historical value of an object.

Moreover, these are vehicles that are rarely found in existing tourist areas. In fact, not only are classic cars served as educational tours, the works of art that we see are also a form of concept visualization that provide the aesthetic value of each of this works.



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